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Eye Define and Face Define Set

Eye Define and Face Define Set


Do you want the ultimate in Facelifting? Are you losing confidence from fine lines and wrinkles, maybe also puffy under eyes as well as droopy upper eye lids?

Your confidence will be restored instantly with this combo of both of our most popular products that combat all of these concerns! You will look so good your friends will be asking for your secret.... shhhh!

Combine Face Define and Eye Define in one order and enjoy 50% off your Eye Define purchase.

Eye Define reveals beautiful eyes you never knew you had, and watch wrinkles reduce and fine lines fade (temporarily) with Face Define.

Each set contains one supply x64 of Eye Define and one full sized 30ml bottle of Face Define.

Face Define- Instant Face Lift Cream reduces fine lines and wrinkles, is the No.1 under eyebags treatment, smoothes out crow’s feet,  tightens skin to minimise pore size, and diminishes lines in the forehead. Buy now with confidence with our 30 day money back guarantee!

Eye Define- Upper Eye Lift is a non surgical eye lift that is simple to use and gives you immediate results. Combined, you reveal beautiful, bright eyes and smoother skin, and it's all compatible with your makeup for a finish that will take years off your face and eyes- a great alternative to eyelid surgery!


Are you feeling like you are looking older than you feel? Are your lines and wrinkles embarrassing you? Do you feel you look older than your friends? Are late nights making you wake up with puffy eyes? Are you looking for the best under eye bags treatment on the market? Are you put off injectables due to the high cost and pain involved with needles? Or perhaps you need something to get you by until your next Botox appointment!

With Face Define you can wake up and put your game face on in MINUTES!

Face the world with confidence knowing the effects will last the day.

Our proven formula has over 10,000 positive 5 star reviews!

Our No.1 Instant Face lift Cream -Face Define reduces and camouflage's fine lines, wrinkles, puffy eye cream, dark circles and open pores INSTANTLY.

Face Define contracts the spaces between facial skin cells by drawing them slightly closer together, while forming an invisible veil. 

Our best selling Instant Face lift cream offers you:-

  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee - thats how confident we are you will love it!
  • Tightens skin to minimise pore size
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothes out crow’s feet
  • Does not leave a white residue on the skin
  • Diminishes lines in the forehead temporarily
  • Plumps up lines and creases around the nose and mouth (nasolabial folds)
  • Puffy eye treatment/ under eye bags treatment
  • Provides results that last all day- up to 20 hours depending on skin type
  • 1x 30ml bottle is twice the size of similar products and will last months
  • Used a spot treatment, one bottle will last even longer!
  • Face Define- Instant Face Lift Cream can be used on women, men and all skin types and colours.

Formula now available for Dark and Sensitive Skin Types.

Client Reviews

  • Ladies it WORKS!! Best investment!! Awesome seller too! FAST delivery- Starkatzz
  • Makes my face look finished, thanks! -Jensguitars
  • Best serum EVER- I don't want to run out! - miss daisy
  • This serum is amazing, even my kids noticed! -curs
  • Totally amazing product, I can't believe what this serum did to my face. - wow.-ealingblue
  • OMG what wonderful sellers and product! Completely Astonished by results A+ Thanks - Heididoeshair
  • Best stuff ever, fast postage. Thank you! -sally anne
  • My favourite product now thanks- Jensguitars
  • Fast delivery, quality product, Love it Thank you- Charlie01
  • Exactly what I was expecting thank you- Lisangamotu
  • Great Item, fast delivery, will buy again ...Great Seller- Renata-1
  • Very happy with this product Give time to dry before applying makeup. will buy again for sure - Jatlc
  • Very effective product! Excellent service. Thank you- Homosapience
  • Love the product. Fast service, professionally packed! 5 star *****- Lizzie88
  • Love this serum, works fab, wear it everyday, thanks so much.- Caitliaker2j


    Our revolutionary Eye Define- Eye Lift will give you back the confidence you need and open your eyes up instantly with the results lasting all day!
    Our proven non-surgical Eye Lift is transparent and discreet-we promise only you will know you are wearing them!
  • Works instantly
  • Temporarily takes years off your appearance
  • Easy to apply
  • Alternative to expensive eyelid surgery/ upper blepharoplasty
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Discreet

Use Eye Define for:

  • Droopy/Sagging Upper Eyelids/  Eye Lift
  • Alternative to Upper Eyelid Surgery
  • Special Occasions & Photos
  • Makeup Artist Makeovers
  • Ptosis and Eye Disfigurements
  • Drooping lids resulting from botox

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