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Eye Define and Face Define Set

Eye Define and Face Define Set


Do you want the ultimate in Facelifting? Are you losing confidence from fine lines and wrinkles, maybe also puffy under eyes as well as droopy upper eye lids?

Your confidence will be restored instantly with this combo of both of our most popular products that combat all of these concerns! You will look so good your friends will be asking for your secret.... shhhh!

Combine Face Define and Eye Define in one order and enjoy 50% off your Eye Define purchase.

Eye Define reveals beautiful eyes you never knew you had, and watch wrinkles reduce and fine lines fade (temporarily) with Face Define.

Each set contains one supply x64 of Eye Define and one full sized 30ml bottle of Face Define.

Face Define- Facelift in a bottle tightens skin to minimise pore size, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, smoothes out crow’s feet and diminishes lines in the forehead. Buy now with confidence with our 30 day money back guarantee!

Eye Define is a  daily surgery-free eyelift in a box that is simple to use and gives you immediate results. Combined, you reveal beautiful, bright eyes and smoother skin, and it's all compatible with your makeup for a finish that will take years off your face and eyes.

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