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Sugar effects on skin

Amelia Trappett

Posted on July 13 2015

Sugar effects on skin

Sugar effects on skin

If the promise of a slimmer waistline isn’t enough to curb your sweet tooth, maybe the desire for smooth skin will. It's a bitter pill to swallow, but experts now believe that a lifetime of overeating sugar and processed foods can make skin dull and increase wrinkles.

A hot topic right now is sugar and the skin and those that have watched ‘That sugar Movie’ know what I am talking about!
In the skin care world is "Glycation". Glycation is essentially that glucose (from carbohydrates and sugars) that you digest attach to proteins such as collagen in your body and form new molecules called advanced glycation end products (AGE’s). These AGE’s degrade collagen and elastin, causing them to harden and lose elasticity in the same way rust weakens and degrades metal.

The human body does not recognize AGE’s as normal, and will produce antibodies that cause inflammation in the skin. Once formed, AGEs tend to gravitate toward collagen and elastin.
As people age, proteins in the body can become damaged through the introduction of the AGE’s—one of the key factors in aging of the skin. The more sugar you eat (whether processed or natural) the more AGEs are produced. When the body is overwhelmed with AGEs, collagen becomes compromised. Effects of the glycation process at the cellular level of the skin’s structure may result in wrinkling, loss of elasticity, thinner skin, accelerated aging and a compromised barrier function. Other conditions that appear when micro-circulation is damaged and cell turnover slows is a loss of volume in the face due to redistribution of fat.

Although the development of lines and wrinkles is normal as clients age, it is difficult to see in younger clients in their 20s than a person in their 40s, which is now more frequently being witnessed.
With the average person now consuming over 40 teaspoons of sugar (and most without even realizing it) the sugar problem is a household epidemic.

Ways to reduce and be aware of your sugar intake is to eat less processed foods, check the ingredients for the sugar content and remember to shop the outside perimeter of the supermarket, the inner shelves usually have a high sugar content and are all processed foods.

You are what you eat and this will reflect on your skin.

Sugar and wrinkles – a simple way to clear your skin!