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How Cucumbers can benefit your skin!

Amelia Trappett

Posted on September 06 2018

How Cucumbers can benefit your skin!

I have recently returned from Seminyak, Bali where I had a simply devine facial treatment that happened to include a natural cucumber face mask. The smell was familiar and it felt slightly heavy on the skin so I asked the therapist to take a photo while the mask was on so I could see afterwards what was applied!

My skin after the facial was glowing, plumped and my puffy eyes significantly reduced and I left feeling revitalised which made me want to look deeper into the benefits of Cucumber on the skin.

Cucumber is made of 96 percent water which can only mean one thing- hydration, hydration and more hydration which is both internally and externally good for the skin.

It is truly remarkable that such a common vegetable can do so much for our skin and appearance! 

Why is the cucumber considered such a powerhouse for the skin?

  1. Calm puffy eyes For an instant pick me up, place chilled cucumber slices over your eyes. They will act like little ice packs to relieve puffy or swollen eye lids. Cucumbers contain flavonoids and antioxidants that decrease swelling, redness and irritation. They also provide a cooling effect that helps shrink dilated blood vessels, therefore reducing the appearance of puffy eyes.
  1. The fight against wrinkles, eczema and psoriasis. Cucumbers are literally packed with silica. Ever heard of it? If not, silica is like the older sibling of collagen. It acts as a precursor to collagen, helping to fight those wrinkles and fine lines you struggle with, while also being anti-inflammatory to help calm and soothe irritating skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis (even sunburn, dare we mention it)

 It's anti-inflammatory properties can help deal with nasty skin break outs too!

If that doesn’t sound like enough of a win when it comes to cucumbers fighting those wrinkles, cucumbers are also loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C. And vitamin A and C is another powerful anti-wrinkle ingredient.

Cucumbers also help to maintain the elastin in your skin. Elastin helps to maintain, you guessed it, the elasticity of your skin. Which is what makes skin look young and supple. But, as we age, the production of elastin, collagen and silica decrease. Cucumbers help to slow the breakdown of elastin. This in turn helps to tighten your skin, promote cell rejuvenation, and build collagen.

Use as an anti-aging facial mask. A super easy DIY mask calls for half a cucumber (slightly puréed or blitzed)

Apply to your skin and allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes before cleansing with warm water.

(Gauze underneath optional- gauze makes clean off easy as it’s a lift off and the product sits on the face well)

Have you had any experiences with Cucumber on the skin?